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Logging in

On this demonstration site you can view the site as a user (one of your customers).  It is up to you as the administrator if you allow new users to register themselves or if you want to register them.

A sample user login is: 

ID:  Joe Average

Password:  ibooka


Also in this Demo Site you can be the Site Administrator and "run" the site.  You will be able to change settings, review bookings or run management commands.

The Administrator login is:

ID:  admin

Password:  ibooka


Note: ID's and passwords are case sensitive


If you want to experience how email confirmations work then please register yourself as a user by clicking the register button on the left.


Please Contact ibooka for a free, no obligation consultation regarding your specific requirements.


Book Me Online

This section of my web site lets you book me online

Just click on the booking button on the left and choose what time and service you would like from me.  You can see if I am free or not available and even pay a deposit through this secure section of my website

If you want to contact me, you can find all of my details on the contact page

See you soon....
Suzi Sue  xx



We are sure you know the benefit of having a website dedicated to the promotion of your business, somewhere to display pictures, describe the services you offer, provide contact details and prices.    Maybe you already have one, maybe you are part of a shared site already or maybe you would like one but are put off by the cost and complexity of setting up a website. 

It would also be a huge help if your website could show your availability and allow your customers to book your services online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Provide a secure reservations site that would update you every time someone made a booking, allowed you to check on bookings 24 hours a day and could even take payments for you if you wished. 

I am sure this all sounds great, but probably very expensive to set up.  How about if all this was available completely free of charge ?   and if you didnít need to know anything about the internet or websites ?  and it could all be available to you in minutes ?   Even if you already have your own website and donít mind spending the money to have it hosted each year; then you could still add an ibooka free online booking and availability service to it to provide a central online service available anytime, anyplace, anywhere. 

This is what ibooka is. You sign up for an ibooka site, which is created for you, set up and configured for you free of charge by ibooka (you will need to email ibooka to take advantage of this after you have signed up).  If you want to change things on the site you simply upload (through a very simple process) additional pictures and words if you want.   If you donít currently have a website then by this point you at least then have a free website as long as you use the online booking part of the system !     The ibooka system is an online booking system, hosted by ibooka so you donít have to worry about backups, availability, security, etc., and every system comes with home pages, contact us pages and booking pages Ė so there is more than enough website space for all your information if you want to use it this way.

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